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Personal Training

Be challenged

One-on-one training offers a corrective exercise based workout plan customized to fit individual goals.

What can you expect to gain from personal training sessions? 

Your training sessions are centered around your personal goals as well as your movement patterns.  Often times, whether through injury, trade or repetitive motion, we develop imbalanced muscle relationships wherein some muscles become over active while others under active.  These imbalances can cause pain, inhibit range of motion or lead to injury.  It is the intention of personal training to work at correcting these imbalances and get you to a place where you feel strong, healthy and ready to enjoy life!  Specific goals will always be addressed, but learning proper movement patterns is the frame work on which strength is built.  

Personal training is available for all ages!!!!

Call or email to talk about your goals today! 

Training prices and packages

55 Minute Training Sessions

$60 for 1 

$575 for 10 sessions 

$290 for 5 sessions 

Monthly rates (training is scheduled on the same day/time each week)

$220 for 4 times a month

$400 for 8 times a month

30 Minute Training Sessions:

$40 for 1 session

$330 for 10 sessions

$175 for 5 sessions

Monthly Rates (training is schedule on the same day/time each week)

$140 for 4 times a month

$260 for 8 times a month