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Be_Fitness is a boutique fitness studio established upon the idea that fitness should be safe, it should be fun and it should be done in a place that's positive and motivating without being overly competitive. We all have our reasons for working out and your fitness should always BE about you; be fast, be strong, be totally BA, be confident, be healthy, be fabulous, just be! Be_Fitness wants to help you be your best you. Start or continue your fitness journey today with one of our many classes or one-on-one training options.  

Helpful hints when visiting Be_Fitness

>>Online scheduling is mandatory. Thanks COVID. 

>>There is no fee to join and no annual fee. You may pay per the class or purchase one of the many packages offered.

>>We have a restroom that can also be used to change into your workout clothes if you're coming or going in a hurry.  

>>We ask that you be respectful with your phone; in life there are emergencies but that doesn't entail updating your Instagram in the middle of a Boat pose or Vinyasa. (Wait till after class and we will gladly take the picture for you.)

>>Please bring your own mat to class. Come prepared with a water bottle and proper active wear. 

>> If using Apple Maps, be aware that it will attempt to direct you to a residential address up the street. Use Google Maps if possible. If not, use the address for Centote Grill which is 1896 W El Norte Pkwy, Escondido 92026

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1882 W El Norte Pkwy., Escondido

Same shopping center as Blue Mug and Cenote Grill 




Mon-Fri: varies by class schedule

Sat: 7:30 am - 12:00pm

Sun: 10:00 am - 11:30am



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