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What class will you love?

Class Descriptions 

Power Flow Yoga

Duration: 55 minutes

Yoga Strength is a rigorous, fluid vinyasa-based class that encourages exploration, balance, strength, and power.  Yoga is not "just" stretching; this class has applications for anyone looking to increase strength gains and flexibility as well as enhance the mind-body connection to improve posture and proper body mechanics.  This class is for those that have Yoga experience as well as those looking to balance their workout routine with challenging sequences and advanced poses (variations and preparatory poses demonstrated).  

Pilates Sculpt

Duration: 55 minutes

Pilates Sculpt takes traditional Pilates Mat workouts and incorporates weights to tone and sculpt your way to increased overall body and joint strength. This class is well suited for beginners and those who are already in shape and looking to enhance the mind-body connection. This class will build muscle and stamina while helping you to relax and focus.


Gentle Flow Yoga

Duration: 50 minutes 

Great for the new or curious yogi, or someone who is looking to unwind at the end of the day. Expect to flow through gentle poses that enhance the connection between mind and body with emphasis on core strength to center and increase balance. 

Power Core Pilates 

Duration: 50 minutes

Transform your body as you sculpt and tone your way to a stronger core.  This class combines classic mat Pilates moves with higher intensity power exercises using small hand weights, bands and mini exercise balls then ends with foam rolling for better muscle recovery and postural alignment.  

TRX Bootcamp Level 1

Duration: 30 minutes 

This class is great for people new to exercise that want to burn fat and move their bodies.  Through the use of  three different modalities (the TRX suspension trainer, WeckMethod BOSU and kettle bells), participants can expect to work on balance, strength and cardio.  

TRX Bootcamp Level 2

Duration: 30 minutes

If you're not new to exercise and/or you know what a TRX is, this class is for you.  Expect to get you heart pumping with intermediate TRX exercises, more balance challenging movements on the WeckMethod Bosu, and power moves with various sized kettelbells.

TRX Core Power

Duration: 30 minutes

This is a 30 minute class using both the TRX and the BOSU to work your core and get you sweating.  High intensity exercises on the BOSU aim at getting your heart rate up and burning fat while exercises performed in the TRX will hit every part of your core!  Your summer self willl thank you!  


Duration: 55 minutes 


June will focus on strengthening and toning that troublesome area commonly referred to as "bra fat" amongst women who have second guessed a bikini or tank top because of that pesky spill over.  Look to combine strength building moves with cardio to intensify fat burning.

 ActivMotion Bar

Duration: 30 Minutes 

  Using the ActivMotion┬«Bar, this class is all about igniting the core to burn more calories and  increase joint and muscle stabilization.  If you're looking for a new way to challenge your body and take your fitness to a new level, this is the class for you.  All fitness levels welcome!

Fusion Flow 

Duration: 45 minutes

This class introduces ActivMotion┬« Bar exercises proven to activate more core muscles than static dumbbells or bars.  Fused with basic yoga postures and Pilates core exercises expect this class to challenge balance, rotational strength and to lengthen commonly tight and overactive muscle groups.  Stretch and activate your way to better posture! 


Duration: 30 minutes

There is nothing "just" about "Just" Bosu class.  This is a 30 min high intensity booty burning class that works on balance and core strength and stability.  All exercises are performed on a WeckMethod Bosu trainer.  

Bosu Tabatas

Duration: 30 Minutes

Tabatas were developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata; they are a specialized HIIT workout comprised of 20 seconds high intensity followed by 10 seconds rest for a total of 8 times equal to 4 min 20 sec.  They improve both aerobic and anaerobic systems and increase calorie burn and fat oxidation better than moderate intensity.  Tabata class is going to be the most calorie burn per dollar (or minute) spent.  Bring a towel and a water bottle and come ready to sweat! 

HIIT Level 1

Duration: 45 minutes

This class uses various types of modalities (TRX, BOSU, weights, mats, Kettlebells, calisthenics, plyometrics). If you are new to exercise or new to HIIT (high intensity interval training), and you want to get the most burn for your buck, this is the class for you! Kids ages 10+ are encouraged to join in the fun! Make exercising as a family part of your fitness routine.

HIIT Level 2

Duration: 45 minutes

This class is for you if you know what a jump lunge is and are able to perform a burpee without any strain on your lower back.  You will sweat (and maybe swear), but you will feel like Wonder woman/Super man when you finish 

Sweaty and Toned Circuit 
Duration: 30 minutes
A series of full body strength building circuits aimed at increasing muscular strength and endurance by combining basic resistance exercises with higher intensity calisthenics.  Ditch the boring cardio equipment and start getting results! 

Tabata Circuit Burn
Duration: 30 minutes
This class uses the Tabata time interval of 20 seconds high intensity followed by 10 seconds of lower intensity for 8 consecutive cycles. In 30 minutes you will move through 6 individual stations using a variety of exercise equipment for a full body workout. Be prepared to sweat and earn the burn. 

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