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women strength training bootcamp
TRX bootcamp class
MELT method foam rolling class

Class Descriptions 

Strong & Slow Yoga Flow 

Duration: 55 minutes

Start your week off with mindful movement! This will be a challenging yet accessible yoga class focused on slow, intentional, strong movements. Begin with floor-based sequences to warm up before transitioning through a series of standing postures that will improve flexibility, balance, and strength, eventually winding up back on the floor for some longer-held cool-down poses and savasana - the final resting pose.

Be_TRX Core Activated 

Duration: 30 minutes

Interval class using both the TRX and the  ActivMotion™ bar to work your core and get you sweating.  High intensity exercises aim at getting your heart rate up and your body burning fat while exercises performed in the TRX are a next level challenge for your core! Please bring your own mat. 

This class is not recommended as a first time class to new-to-exercise participants. 

Fit & Strong Circuit Class

Duration: 30 minutes

You'll know you got your workout in with this 30 min circuit class geared to strengthen muscle endurance and cardiovascular health. Three circuits of 5 exercises each for full body toning, increased core stability and calorie burning. Side effects may include greater levels of confidence and ability with repeated use. Get in, get out and feel strong! All fitness levels encouraged.  Each month has a different focus.



Duration: 45 minutes 

MELT RESET is a class, that if taken regularly, will help break the cycle of faulty body compensations and pain/discomfort brought on by every day stressors (job, kids, parents, pets, significant others, the news... to name a few.)  Reclaim whole body stability and reduce joint compression By fine tuning movements and re-establishing proper muscle activation through guided reintegrative movements using the MELT foam roller and resistance band. MELT Performance can help you maintain not only physiological stability, but emotional, chemical, hormonal, and psychological stability as well  by restoring your Autopilot (your body's GPS system of knowing where your joints are in space). 
Move better, exercise better, feel better, sleep better. 

Fit and empowered 

Duration: 45 minutes

Get ready to sweat it out and leave it all on the floor with this extra empowering 45 minute class. By using various types of modalities (TRX, Bosu, Kettelbells, weights, mats, calisthenics, medicine balls, plyometrics) you will move through two circuits consisting of 10 exercises three times each. Exercises vary from lower to higher intensity movements with short rest periods in-between.  Depending on fitness level, most exercises can be modified and/or amplified to challenge you where you're at.  Be sure to bring a water bottle and your own mat! 

Not recommended as a first class for new to exercise participants. 

Themed Circuit Class 

Duration: 40 Minutes

Reaching Friday is a weekly milestone and we think it should be celebrated by a special kind of workout. Each Friday bootcamp is characterized by a different theme in which 12-13 exercises of a more creative twist are performed four times through. Past themes include Harry Potter, Hawaii, Disneyland, James Bond and Star Wars. 

The last Friday of the month becomes more interactive as we participate in a Jeopardy style class where you have the power to choose an exercise. Or do you? 

If you are a fan of fun and like getting your weekend started early, try out the Friday morning circuit class.

Can't decide what class to try first? Try them all with the new student 2wk pass. Only $35 for 14 consecutive days of unlimited classes.​

Toned n Sweaty Circuit

Duration: 30 minutes

A series of full body strength building circuits aimed at increasing muscular strength and endurance by combining basic resistance exercises with higher intensity calisthenics. Ditch the boring cardio equipment and start getting results! 

MELT method Foam rolling

Duration: 30 minutes 

Melt is a self-care treatment using a soft foam roller that focuses on re-hydrating the connective tissue.

Who is Melt for?

Anyone that has a body held together by connective tissue! Do you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues, bloating, fatigue or achy joints? Would you like to learn a little secret about how you can slow down the aging process? The answer is in your connective tissue.

Learn how the connective tissue gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in your body for vibrant health and pain-free movement.

Gentle Flow Yoga 

Duration: 55 minutes 

This class blends traditional yoga poses with therapeutic, mobility-based movements that will reduce tightness and stiffness, support joint health, and leave you feeling relaxed. Mindfully move through mostly floor-based sequences and the occasional standing posture before closing with longer held, restorative poses and savasana ~ the final resting pose. Props can be very helpful in this class. We recommend you bring a blanket (or any knee cushion/padding if needed)…and any other yoga props you have/love (bolsters, blocks, etc.)! Modifications will be provided.

Fit & Empowered 

Duration: 45 minutes

Be empowered by this  45 minute circuit class aimed to not simply increase strength, improve stability and cardio-respiratory threshold, and burn calories, but to boost your confidence!  We will work through 4 sets of 5 exercises that will be completed three times each. You are encouraged to work at your ability while being challenged to push your comfort zone and progress! After all, no one comes to an exercise class to stay the same. 

Strong & Balanced  

Duration: 30 minutes, 45 minutes 

Build both strength and stability in this circuit class that combines BOSU and kettlebell moves for an intense sweat guaranteed to fire up your core.

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